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04. Appellate Litigation & Motions Practice

Clients seeking to resolve matters on dispositive briefing typically do not need pyramid staffing of associates and partners to re-write the same work multiple times.  We do not draft by committee.  Our approach means that clients will get more senior lawyer time and a consistent theme and voice throughout the brief.  We are well-positioned to tackle briefing, in trials and appeals, in conjunction with broader litigation teams that handle case management and discovery.  We also use cutting-edge AI tools as a control on our legal research and to conform our writing style to the highest levels of advocacy, and we pass the savings from automation to clients. 

We are available to assist in the following capacities:

  • Motions to dismiss or for summary judgment, particularly in antitrust matters

  • Motions for temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions

  • Discovery motions

  • Appellate briefing

  • Amicus briefing and coordination

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